Energy and money-saving geothermal systems

Studies by the EPA concluded that geothermal energy is the most environmentally-friendly heating and cooling available. J.L. Brady installs and services geothermal systems for residential or commercial facilities to drastically reduce energy expenses.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Ductwork is a huge part of a heating and cooling system. At J.L. Brady we fabricate our own sheet metal into ductwork as it’s needed. Any size ductwork can be fabricated quickly, on-site, to your specifications. By fabricating duct work in our own shop we can keep pricing competitive and projects on-schedule.

Boiler systems

Two-thirds of all boiler failures result from poor operating and maintenance practices. Your boiler is a major investment that must be protected by trained professionals to provide you with maximum performance. J.L. Brady’s Boiler Division has trained and licensed boilermakers who will keep your boiler operating smoothly and economically.


J.L. Brady’s licensed plumbing professionals install, maintain and repair all types of plumbing systems, from complex commercial systems to a kitchen sink in your home. We’ve been trusted by Quad City residents for nearly a century for new fixture installation, water heater installation, annual maintenance, toilet repair and more. You can trust us, too.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Trained in green building, J.L. Brady technicians install, service and retrofit all types of heating and cooling systems for homes, offices and other commercial buildings. We’ll help you chose the best system for your needs and keep it operating efficiently during the hottest summer months and the coldest days in winter.

Our maintenance agreements keep systems operating at peak efficiency while extending the life of your equipment, and our energy efficient systems will save you money on energy expenses.


Every one of J.L. Brady’s professional service technicians has completed a rigorous five year training program placing them at the very top of their field. They work with every make and model of heating and cooling system, plumbing systems, boiler systems and the most up-to-date energy saving systems like geothermal.

Our service technicians are trustworthy, and dedicated to maintaining the J.L. Brady reputation through honest, professional repair services.

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